Wyvern Rex Model Rig

igh Quality Guarantee . %100 Optimized . Location x:0 y:0 z:0 . . All Format Ready . World Scale (CM) .

Wyvern Rex model is only for mobile games. I have tried to add sense of reality. Supports pbr.

Models are grouped for easy selection, and objects are logically named for ease of scene management. No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene. No cleaning up necessaryjust drop your models into the scene and start rendering. No special plugin needed to open scene. Model does not include any backgrounds or scenes used in preview images.

-. When you open the project, it can be rig lapse. If you have this problem, color it with paint skin and restore it's gonna be ok. Maybe you have not this bug. The model is ready to be animation.

Wyvern Rex Model

Polygon = 76674

Vertex = 77755

PBR 43 items Format: PNG Resolution: 4096x4096






Normal_DirectX -AO

Format: PNG

Resolution: 4096x4096

** - Formats : **

Wynvern Rex Turnable

Wynvern Rex Wynvern Rex (skip to 14s)